It was 50 years ago when Mr. Moshe Tzvi Hoffman was ushered to the chamber of great Rebbi of Gur telling the Rebbi that it is in his plans to open a bus route that would go from Jerusalem straight to Bnei Barak as the only way till then was through Tel Aviv.
The Rebbi blessed him warmly "It should be in the right time and you will have great success". That’s what truly happened .After that he added some more routes enabling the Jewish community to get to the holy grave of Reb Shimon Bar Yochay as till we arrived it was very difficult to get there in those days.
Ever since every year we depart hundreds of buses on the day of Lag Bomer and throughout the whole year to his holy grave. The new generation of the family that joined to the business added their own new ideas how to serve the community better for those in Israel and for those who come to visit from overseas.
We now offer a large range of tours all over Israel some are as follows:
– The holy places up North Meron Tzfas Tvria Amoka
– Chevron Kever Rachel, The Holy sites of Jerusalem
– Massada Ein Gedi Dead Sea
– The entire area of the Golan Heights, the Judean Dessert and much more.
We are very proud that it fell to our hands the great Zechus to be able to drive around hundreds of Jews hence to holy sites and hence to show our brethren the beauty of Eretz Yisroel.