Trip 6 - Meron, Tsfat, Tiberias, Amuka


Travel along the Jordan valley to Tiberias-Kever of Rabby Meir ba'alhanes, theancient Cemetary –the Disciples of Ba'al Shem Tov,the burial sites of the Rambam. Rabby Yochanan ben Zakai & his Disciples, Hashla Hakadosh,Rabby Akiva & the Ramchal. We then continue to Amuka the Kever of Rabby Yonatan Ben Usiel& from there to Tzfat to the Ari Hakadosh's Synagogue, mikva & burial site.We then go to the Kever of Rabby Pinchas Ben'Yair and end our tour at Meron the Kever of Rabby Shimon Bar Yochai& his son Elazar.

Bring a packed lunch.


Monday, Thursday


9:00 am


10:00 pm

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